Saturday, August 1, 2015


Figured I'd make an official post about this here (as it will be linked to Facebook). I am going to be open for commissions soon! I currently have a few that are in the works, but I am open to adding more.

Currently, here are the services I can offer:

  • Knit/crochet (with a pattern! I can alter a pattern some, but I can not make one)
  • 3D printing (right now, just white ABS)
  • Vinyl decals (single color, black or white, within a 9"x9" area)
  • Shirts (black on white or white on black)
  • Props (this is a test! I can do props, but they take some major time. An agreement will be needed)
IF you want to partake in any of this. please reach out to me on Facebook, or by email at If you are looking for a 3D print, and have the STL file ready, you can also visit my 3D Hub page for a quote. 

Sunday, July 12, 2015


So I buckled. I now have instagram. While I will be keeping most of my personal life off it, some stuff will get posted. This will mainly be used as a project post engine, to let me post pictures to facebook faster. And, I will be looking into adding a live stream from instagram onto here as well, to streamline some random photos a bit.

As a side note, I have been busy! That is why there has been a lack of posts as of late. I made a post on Facebook about this, so sorry to those that get double notices!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Update (of sorts)

Due to car troubles (as in, I threw the rod) I have been working to get a working car again. This has taken quite a bit of my time up, and as such, I have been lax with projects...

However! I have a few things going now!
-I have a commission for a present! Sadly, no one will see this for some time, because...well...present.
-I have a second "commission"! This one I'm doing for a friend as (how I see it) payment for getting me an engine for my aforementioned borked car. 
-Percy's new home is 90% cut! I will need to put in notchs for the box to be put together, but we have made progress.

With that said, I will be dying out on projects again. My car is almost fixed, but due to some events coming up, I will be putting most projects on the backburner.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Finishing touches on enclosure plans

As stated, I didn't get much done this weekend! However, I did get the finishing touches done for the dimensions of the enclosure for Percy.

As such, I will start out lining the cut lines on the MDF boards, and start cutting them this week/weekend.

As proof of progress:

Also! I managed to get Vara (my Marlin Model 60) cleaned this weekend, and also took it out shooting this weekend. Vara was a bit dirty..

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Delay in projects

I don't want to go too personal on this blog, which is why I tend to only post projects posts. But, as you guys may have figured out, I am human.

As such, I'm enjoying my 3 day weekend off from work! Due to this, it means I'm being lazy and not wanting to work on stuff as much as I usually do. That, and I need to clean my apartment..

This was just a quick post to keep with a weekly blog post. Hope everyone has a good Memorial Day weekend!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Percy's new box

I've mentioned in a few places that I am planning on making an enclosure for Percy. As such, I am actually wiping up plans for it now!

I only came up with two, but the one I really like I actually 'borrowed' from another RepRap'er. Mine will have a few altered parts to it, as I don't have the same setup as him. That, and I want mine to do a bit more.

Its all tentative, but the new enclosure would have a spool roller on top, a clear window to see Percy, and a small closed off section for the RPi, ATX PSU, and temp controller.
I also plan to add a slew of toggle switches that will make the USS Enterprise jealous. These will toggle a fan, lights (both white and UV, for night printing), power on to the RPi, power to the printer, and the master power. Master power will probably be hooked up to a key switch, so I can lock the machine out.

Also, as mentioned, I plan to have two compartments. Both will independently lock. The main one will have a window, and this will be for Precy. This will alos hold the LED's I mentioned, and a webcam. Once I get this all together, I plan to set up a Twitch to livestream prints!

My doodles are crap, but I'll share none the less. There are two designs show, along with a small doodle of how I want the front plate to look, and the max dimensions of Percy.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Testing IFTTT and a few updates

This post is, first and formost, to test IFTTT. IFTTT lets you create an If/Then for a lot of internet things!! I recently set it up to allow me to automagically post a status to my Facebook page (more in a bit!) so people can follow that!

This brings me to my first update: Facebook! I now have a page (which can be found here). I know people tend to check Facebook more then anything else, but I adore the layout and ease of how Blogger works. So, best of both worlds: use Facebook as my main front, and keep using Blogger!

Next update, my 3DHubs is now active! As I mentioned in my last post, 3DHubs is like eBay for 3D printing. Anyone without a printer can find a nearby 3D printer, and commision them to print parts. I recently passed the first print, meaning I can now actually open the doors to let people request prints! My hub page can be found here, along with the 3D Print button on my side bar.