Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Proton pack light test!

I've been throwing a log of my down time at work to coding. I already have the core of the guy Manuel helmet code done (which I'll be posting soon!). And, since the test bed I was using could easily be quickly adapted to support proton pack lights as well, I decided to just throw on the lights needed.

I'm kinda sad that I can't embed the video via mobile, so I might change up how I post videos...in the time being, here is the link.

Proton Pack test: http://youtu.be/mVhxknl4ZqU

Friday, August 22, 2014

Testing the app and photos

Just a quick test to make sure that uploading photos from my phone works. Short answer: yes. I just uploaded two quick ones: first one is the mess I made cutting some MDF in my apartment for a vacuum former, and the second is a picture of myself wearing the [work in progress] Guy Manuel helmet.

Jumping ship!

So, what with all the other blogs I follow for prop making, designs, and arduino related nonsense already being on Blogger, I'm jumping ship on Tumblr as my blog of choice.

I will now be using this for my project blog, and I will (hopefully) keep on top of updating it this time round.