Saturday, August 1, 2015


Figured I'd make an official post about this here (as it will be linked to Facebook). I am going to be open for commissions soon! I currently have a few that are in the works, but I am open to adding more.

Currently, here are the services I can offer:

  • Knit/crochet (with a pattern! I can alter a pattern some, but I can not make one)
  • 3D printing (right now, just white ABS)
  • Vinyl decals (single color, black or white, within a 9"x9" area)
  • Shirts (black on white or white on black)
  • Props (this is a test! I can do props, but they take some major time. An agreement will be needed)
IF you want to partake in any of this. please reach out to me on Facebook, or by email at If you are looking for a 3D print, and have the STL file ready, you can also visit my 3D Hub page for a quote.