Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Update (of sorts)

Due to car troubles (as in, I threw the rod) I have been working to get a working car again. This has taken quite a bit of my time up, and as such, I have been lax with projects...

However! I have a few things going now!
-I have a commission for a present! Sadly, no one will see this for some time, because...well...present.
-I have a second "commission"! This one I'm doing for a friend as (how I see it) payment for getting me an engine for my aforementioned borked car. 
-Percy's new home is 90% cut! I will need to put in notchs for the box to be put together, but we have made progress.

With that said, I will be dying out on projects again. My car is almost fixed, but due to some events coming up, I will be putting most projects on the backburner.

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