Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Guy Manuel Test

Finally got around to uploading a [rather crappy] video of the Guy-Manuel light code. It's taken on a phone while I was at work, so you'll have to rely on the description to make sense of it all.
For those that don't want to open more links, here is a copy and paste of the YouTube description
This was taken at work, so, sadly, I am not talking to explain the parts your looking at.

So, from left to righ:
-Main Display
-Upper chin
-Lower Chin

At about the 24 second mark, you can see me grab the pink wire and press a button on the board. This [button] is to toggle from the pattern mode to VU Meter mode. You should be able to hear me blowing on the mic (which is at the end of the pink cable).

Again, this is a TEST! I will be cleaning up the code a bit in certain areas, and, when it is in the helmet, replace the button with a toggle switch.
Also, for blog purposes: this test bed is just that: a test bed. It's being used to test the code for the Guy-Manuel helmet and for the proton pack, thus the reason for all the excess LED's. The whole thing is being ran off an Arduino Micro, and (for testing purpose) that is being powered off of my laptops USB port.

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