Saturday, September 27, 2014

Misc. Things

I don't have anything of major interest to show this week, however, a few things have changed as far as projects go!

First off, I was able to get new blades for my 3D magic life counters! I'll be posting a picture of those in the next few days as I make progress on them.

Collin (the companion cube) is coming along nicely! I need more foam, though, to feel the corners.

I also bought a bunch of Halloween makeup stuff, and have been testing it. Mostly just to ensure I don't break out in hives from anything.

And, as an aside, I've been busy working on my car. Personal followers will know that I had to buy a new car a month back, and I've been slowly working on small things with it (fuel filter swap, seafoamed the engine, cleaned some sensors, and other small things)

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