Sunday, October 5, 2014

Collin and Foam fun

As stated in a previous post, I've been working on my Companion Cube (who has now been dubbed Collin). Firs picture is of Collin.

Basic construction is a 18" foamboard cube with cardstock corners. I had the templates for the corners yanked from a site that is now no more, so I can't post the link to them. Anyways, the corners were tapped onto the cube, and then one of the flaps lifted, as to allow me to spray some expanding foam inside to give it some support. As you can see in the picture...I put a touch too much foam into one of the corners...

Oh, and the expanding foam? Yeah...I failed to clean the bottle correctly, and had to try and dig out the set foam from the nozzle. Sadly, while I was digging at it, I managed to break the seal inside the bottle. The following is the result of that.

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