Monday, May 18, 2015

Percy's new box

I've mentioned in a few places that I am planning on making an enclosure for Percy. As such, I am actually wiping up plans for it now!

I only came up with two, but the one I really like I actually 'borrowed' from another RepRap'er. Mine will have a few altered parts to it, as I don't have the same setup as him. That, and I want mine to do a bit more.

Its all tentative, but the new enclosure would have a spool roller on top, a clear window to see Percy, and a small closed off section for the RPi, ATX PSU, and temp controller.
I also plan to add a slew of toggle switches that will make the USS Enterprise jealous. These will toggle a fan, lights (both white and UV, for night printing), power on to the RPi, power to the printer, and the master power. Master power will probably be hooked up to a key switch, so I can lock the machine out.

Also, as mentioned, I plan to have two compartments. Both will independently lock. The main one will have a window, and this will be for Precy. This will alos hold the LED's I mentioned, and a webcam. Once I get this all together, I plan to set up a Twitch to livestream prints!

My doodles are crap, but I'll share none the less. There are two designs show, along with a small doodle of how I want the front plate to look, and the max dimensions of Percy.

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