Friday, May 8, 2015

Still not a blogger...

I'm trying to keep up with this, but its a bit of a pain to get used to doing a periodic blog...thankfully, the personal issues I had that took most of my time are slowly coming to a head!

With that said, I will be giving this a good'ol booy scout try once again, in hopes of sticking with it!

Which, leads me to my newest venture: 3D Hubs.
3D hubs is a site which allows owners of 3D printers to list their printer online, to allow others to send and buy parts from said printers (or, as the site calls them, Hubs). I jumped on here do to the fact that Percy is running again! Sorta...which means:

Update number two!
Percy is getting a new ticker! The major issues I have been having with Percy ALL steam from the extruder. The design is great, but with me being totally new to the 3D printer scene when I bought Percy, I didn't take as good of care of the extruder as I should have. As such, the bearings are falling apart, and the backlash (which is a pain to get rid of and stay rid of!) has caused some damage to the gears and motor. The new extruder (whose printed parts came yesterday, and the new motor and belt are due in today!) will be installed this weekend. It will not only get rid of backlash, but allow more control over my 3D printer (as far as extrusion rates) and allow me to keep the motor cooler, and running longer.

I will be adding a 3D hubs button soon, but for now, here is a direct link (link opens in new page) to my hub! As stated, with Percy being down right now, the hub is offline.

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