Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Testing IFTTT and a few updates

This post is, first and formost, to test IFTTT. IFTTT lets you create an If/Then for a lot of internet things!! I recently set it up to allow me to automagically post a status to my Facebook page (more in a bit!) so people can follow that!

This brings me to my first update: Facebook! I now have a page (which can be found here). I know people tend to check Facebook more then anything else, but I adore the layout and ease of how Blogger works. So, best of both worlds: use Facebook as my main front, and keep using Blogger!

Next update, my 3DHubs is now active! As I mentioned in my last post, 3DHubs is like eBay for 3D printing. Anyone without a printer can find a nearby 3D printer, and commision them to print parts. I recently passed the first print, meaning I can now actually open the doors to let people request prints! My hub page can be found here, along with the 3D Print button on my side bar.

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